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Last Update: 1st Jun 2017
Welcome to the Reading Badminton Association.
Our league currently has 19 member clubs, competing in 12 divisions (3 Ladies, 4 Mens, 5 Mixed). We welcome any club whose venue is within 10 miles of Reading.

We are affiliated to both the Berkshire County Badminton Association and Badminton England.
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May 21 Maidenhead 7 - 2 Hawley A (Mixed Premier)
May 16 Hawley A 3 - 6 Maidenhead (Mixed Premier)
May 15 Cotswold A 4 - 5 Three Of Clubs B (Mixed 1)
May 11 Chiltern B 1 - 8 British Rail (Mixed Premier)
May 11 Prospect 8 - 1 Oasis A (Mixed 1)
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[4th October 2017]
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